Thought Leadership

Private View
MM&M — Martha Crane

Having recently attended The Global Awards presentation and spent some time on the, I was struck by the refreshing approach taken by so many agencies ac...

Emerging Market-ing
PM360  — Nick Colucci and Ash Kuchel

Cuiding biopharma clients to on-the-ground success in “pharmerging” markets requires sensitivity, creativity, and flexibility. The biopharmaceutical industry's fascinatio...

Field-Alternative Channels
White Paper — Publicis Touchpoint Solutions

The US biopharmaceutical industry is formidable, generating sales revenues approaching $300 billion per year. However, biopharma now faces a host of significant challenge...

Implementing a Clinical Health Education Program
White Paper — Publicis Touchpoint Solutions

The Publicis Touchpoint Solutions’ Clinical Health Education center-of-excellence is designed to facilitate a patient’s adherence and retention with a prescribed drug the...

Next Giant Leap
Pharma Marketing Europe  — Alain Sarraf and Roberto Ascione

The upcoming generation of digital developments will help people manage their health through tailoring information as well as facilitate monitoring via interconnecting ob...

Ten Steps in Evaluating a Life Sciences Contact Center
White Paper — Publicis Touchpoint Solutions

In today’s new marketplace, many biopharma companies are moving forward a fully integrated, highly customized, multichannel message delivery mix instead of limiting their...

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