Thought Leadership

Regulatory Alert - Responding to Unsolicited Requests Via Social Media
White Paper — Digitas Health

This white paper highlights key points from the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) first social media guidance, "Guidance to Industry: Responding to Unsolicited Request...

iExcellence: Enhancing Engagement Between HCP's Patients and Your Brand With a New Class of Device
White Paper — Publicis Healthware International

The iPad has shaken up engagement between doctors, patients, and HCPs. This white paper provides a basic understanding of the iPad's capabilities in the healthcare space ...

What Today's Consumers Want Marketers to Know
White Paper — Digitas Health

Research shows that consumers expect the pharma industry to participate appropriately in the process of helping them make decisions. In other words -- helping, not sellin...

Implementing a Life Sciences Sales Force
White Paper — Publicis Touchpoint Solutions

A core competency of Publicis Touchpoint Solutions is that of building and managing world-class life sciences sales teams. This white paper provides a top-line summary of...

Branding a Unique Story
Pharmaceutical Executive — Marylyn Donahue

With vaccines come questions, heated debate, and controversy. Pharmaceutical company communicators must return the conversation to the ultimate goal— preventing disease....

Private View
MM&M — Nick Manganiello

There's much that has been written lately about leveraging an idea through multiple channels, especially as the digital age seems to expand our options on a daily basis. ...

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