Nick Colucci
Chairman, Publicis Health

Nick leads Publicis Health—the largest healthcare communications network in the world. Under Nick’s tenure, the network has grown from a fragmented group of agencies to a global powerhouse with unrivaled capabilities, expanded global client relationships, and the network’s footprint in emerging markets, including China and India. Nick has a broad perspective, having served both on the client and agency sides. Prior to joining Publicis Health, Nick was Vice President of Marketing and Sales at EyeSys Technologies and Marketing Director at Roche.

Nick has been named PharmaVOICE’s “100 Most Inspiring People” three times and was recently recognized with the publication’s inaugural Red Jacket Award, which acknowledges leaders who inspire the life sciences industry.  Nick was presented with the Leadership Award by the Pheo Para Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of rare adrenal neuroendocrine —only the second time the award was ever presented.  He was named a “Superhero of Heart and Stroke” in 2013 by the American Heart Association of New York for his commitment to fight heart disease and support research, and also was honored as “Marketer of the Year” at the PM360 Trailblazer Awards in 2012.

Nick is a well-known leader in healthcare circles, leading key initiatives for the Coalition for Healthcare Communication, an industry trade association, as well as serving on the American Heart Association of New York board.


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  Nick Colucci

Nick Colucci

Chairman, Publicis Health

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