How We Work

As communications professionals, we’re supposed to be in the business of creating customized solutions for our clients. After all, every company is unique. Every brand is unique. Every project is unique.

So why do so many global networks require their clients to fit into their rigid structures and silos?

PH takes a different approach. We listen to your business challenges and goals. We learn your company’s infrastructure and working process. And then we deploy the best resources for the job, regardless of agency or business unit. This structure works best for us—because it works best for you.

Let the PH global network design a solution for you. 

  Nick Colucci, President and CEO of PHCG

"PH is different than all of our competitors as we have brought together all of our healthcare agencies with one vision. We work across disciplines and borders on behalf of our clients to create experiences that ignite dialogue, enhance understanding, and inspire life changing behavior."

Nick Colucci

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