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Exponential Medicine Conference Publication
White pages — Roberto Ascione, Brenda Cheong, Kristin Milburn, Razorfish Healthware

Razorfish Healthware shares insights from the XMed 2014. ...

The costly impact of implicit questions in doctor-patient conversations
Byline article — Kathryn Ticknorsenior analyst, linguistic insights and analytics, Verilogue

Kathryn Ticknor takes a deep dive into actual doctor-patient interactions to illustrate the disconnects that can occur when the two parties try to talk. ...

Act First, Plan Later
Byline article — Alexandra von Plato, President and Global Chief Creative Officer, Digitas Health LifeBrands

Alexandra gives three pieces of advice about building an agency that she has managed to ignore...

Global Outlook for Pharma Marketers in 2015
Byline article — Nick Colucci, President and Chief Executive Officer, PHCG

Nick offers three keys to success for 2015....

Health Builds Brands and Business
Byline article — Graham Mills, Executive Director, Digitas Health LifeBrands

Graham explains why brands that are not directly health-related are becoming health relevant. ...

Managing Brand Success in Market
Byline article — Mukarram Bhatty, Head of Strategy and Analytics Practice, Digitas Health LifeBrands

Our marketing must reflect understanding of today’s empowered consumer and healthcare professional (HCP), and the healthcare journeys they experience....

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